We're Small Studio. Here's where we are, and what we do.

Our office is at Shop 8, 459 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Call us on +61 3 9381 0996 or send us an email.

We're most active on twitter, but we're also on facebook. We put photos on instagram when we have time.

When in digital mode we do web design (which is known these days as UX, UI design and IA) and development (of the front and back-end kind).

When working offline, we can design pretty much anything.

Since 2007 we've been exploring the world of design, carving zeroes and ones with our bare hands along the way as monuments to our clients.

Limitations bring out the best in a situation, so we've kept Small Studio a nimble little setup. Team members are - by necessity - highly experienced, skilled, confident and innovative. Being friendly, committed and finite is something Small Studio does by choice.

Our structure enables us to work efficiently and effectively, to offer high calibre design and development solutions at competitive prices.

We see our projects as journeys in design and development. Our clients are our fellow travellers. Their goals become our goals. Together we reach destinations that surpass expectations.

If you look through our work you'll see that we're not what you'd call minimalist – most of our work is on the complex end of the spectrum, and we're up for a challenge whether it be creative or technical.

We're experienced collaborators, and often work with companies' in-house development teams, sometimes across the globe. We've developed a great workflow for those situations and have become flexible and quick to join in.

We can take you on your entire design adventure, or join you for a few legs. Wherever you want to go, we can guide you.

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Design that is idea-driven, crafted and smart can inspire bees to pollinate, or chronicle the rise and fall of empires.


Art Direction, Typography, Illustration